Top 5 tips to Secure Smartphone from Hackers

With only a click on posts and messages, you could give away individual data to bargain your protection and even make yourself open to fraud. it’s essential that you know how to protect yourself when utilizing these devices. we are providing top 5 tips to avoid online threats and hackers. You can use AVG offered top tricks to secure your smartphones from online hackers.

Smartphones are changing the way of parenting in profound ways. But for all the efficiency they’ve introduced into family life, those same devices simultaneously bring online dangers.

Use reliable security software:-

Malware isn’t just limited to computers. You should have a security software installed on your other devices such as- laptop, tablet, smartphones, iPhones. The Android system is a specific device, with many malicious apps waiting to hack your information—even some hiding in the legitimate Google Play store. So, you must use a good antivirus security software on your devices.

Don’t click on suspicious links:-

Please avoid and protect your information from any of the fake and corrupt websites. Don’t click on any links or highlighted text, which can take you to another part of the Internet by a single click — contained in an email or online comment. You need to join a safe search tool to ignore all these issues. We will suggest to the users- AVG SiteAdvisor is a popular and effective antivirus security program. It can not only provide safety ratings in search results but also prevents you from going to known malicious websites.

Create a valuable password, and change it often:-

This is the best trick to save your smartphones from the hackers. The first thing to do is this-  you have to use a unique and sophisticated password for each account which you are using online. You have to create a random combination password by using upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Nowadays, most of the websites are required a minimum of six characters passwords because shorter passwords will be easy to decode and remember. To keep your passwords from being compromised, you can use 11 characters password. The more characters you use, the more difficult it gets for a hacker to crack.

You can use a password manager, like AVG SafeKey, to keep your passwords and protected without sacrificing your sanity.

Activate two-step verification if available:-

You can use this tip also to protect your Smartphone’s. You can enable two-step verification whenever a user or a hacker attempts to gain access to an account from an unfamiliar mobile device or another computer system. Some services are offering two-step verification such as- Google, and it will send to a user six-digit code which is linked to your device by either a text message or a phone call. After entering that randomly generated six-digit code along with their password they can confirm they are who they say they are.

While it may not be as convenient as a single password, it is more secure. A majority of businesses are using this way to secure their devices. So, you can always use this option to keep your identity as safe as possible.

Avoid the ‘Remember me’ function:- 

The ‘Remember me’ function on browsers and mobile devices can become a significant threat to your digital identity. The process is better because it saves your password cookies, as well as any hacker, can be able to enter your wireless network or gain access to your device.

Suggestion – Always log out of apps or essential websites after completing your work, primarily when you are working on online banking or social networks. You can get AVG antivirus online or from the offline store. If need any type of AVG Support related to its purchase or activation, please visit for further assistance.

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