How to use the Anti-Theft Commands in AVG Mobile Security for Android? :- Nowadays, the demand for Android phones is increasing day by day. In this digital world, an Android phone is the basic necessity of every user.  Because of their features and providing the functionality of the applications. By their Android application features, users can fulfill all their requirement at their own place.  It helps them to save their precious time and efforts. Companies are embraced their approaches by creating numerous models of mobile phones.

When we think of the word “loved ones” then it relates you to many people or different people including your family, friends, and relatives. But there are people who are in love with their favorite gadgets. And when we loving someone or something we don’t want to lose them in our life.

Sometimes the users are facing so many issues if their phone is lost or stolen by someone. Thus, AVG antivirus launched its new feature of “Anti-theft” in its Android mobile security products for users mobile devices. This Anti-theft feature allows you to control the lost and stolen or missing Android devices, by remotely delivering some specific commands to the Android devices. This type of commands can be sent in the form of text messages to the lost android devices from the other Android device or by any other mobile devices. By doing this you need to activate an SMS command on the mobile security Anti-theft interface.

Below we describe some steps to guide you about how to recover from your Android devices if it is lost or stolen by someone. Follow the steps or guidelines this is very simple to learn and secure your phone by given command text message to activate the Anti-Theft security in your devices.

How to Activate text message command on your Android Devices?

By activating the text messages on your lost or stolen Android devices, you can send an SMS from other mobile devices to your Android device that has been lost or stolen. The following features will automatically activate on your lost or stolen devices when you send text message command on your lost Android device.

  • An alarm will sound from your lost phone.
  • Locate your lost device on the map.
  • Your device will automatically get locked.
  • Erase all your personal data that is stored on your device.

When the text message command activated it will generate 4-digit Security Pin. Therefore, follow the following steps given below to set the security pin to activate the Anti-theft text messages on your Android phones.

Step-1  Set the “AVG Mobile” security for the Android application of your devices.
Step-2  Then, open the “Anti-theft” applications on your device.
Step-3  After this, an activity appears on your device.
Step-4  Click on the “Security PIN” option.
Step-5  And then, “Enter” “4-digit Security PIN” on your device.

After completing this whole procedure of activating text message and generating 4-digit security PIN. Checked that 4-digit PIN is working or not. Follow these steps carefully so that you can that your security pin is working or not.

  • Generate a new text message to be sent by you on the lost device from another device.
  • In this text message, type the following command along with the Anti-Theft 4-digit Security PIN. That you are generating given command through text messages. Check out for follow this basic steps that your phone is in Anti-theft security mode or not.

Step-1   AVGShout <users’ Security PIN>, for sounding the Alarm.
Step-2   AVGlocate <users’ Security PIN>, for locating the device.
Step -3  AVG lock <users’ Security PIN>, for locking the device.
Step-4   AVGWipe <users’ Security PIN>, for wiping the data.

If you are still facing any issue related to this error of activating text message on your lost or missing Android device. Then, the last option to recover from this error is to connect with the AVG customer support. They can help you instantly. AVG customer support is available 24*7. They can help you out with any issues or error related to AVG products. Dial the toll-free number of AVG customer support for your quick assistance.

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