How to Fix AVG Error Code 0xe001f921?

Fixing the AVG error could be a bit difficult as the user often fails in fixing the technicals errors of the antivirus. Coming to the AVG Antivirus, it is one of the most popular and used antiviruses which has been serving the customers for many years. Though it is the best antivirus but it has some of the technical glitches which sometimes create trouble for the users. In all the errors of AVG, error 0xe001f921 is one such common error which often displays on the computer screen.

We have come up with the best fixing steps of error code 0xe001f921. To know more, go below the content and find the best troubleshooting steps for fixing the error 0xe001f921. We have listed down the three major steps by which you can fix the steps.

#Step1. Run AVG Clear Tool:-

To resolve this error, you need to give a try to run the AVG remover tool in order to remove traces of failed uninstalling setup.

Now, just follow these steps to do this task.

  1. First, download the AVG Clear tool by navigating this link.
  2. After downloading it to your computer, go to your downloaded folder and find the downloaded the tool.
  3. Now, open the AVG Clear tool, and then hit the “Yes” button in the User Account Control Dialog Box.
  4. Hit on “No” in the Window safe mode dialog.
  5. Then after, you need to choose the installed version of AVG Free.
  6. Now, click on the “Uninstall” option, and then hit on “Restart computer”.
  7. Now check if this Error 0xe001f921 resolved. If not, then go to next step.


#Step 2:- Try to Run Remover tool:- 

Next step is to try to run the remover tool. You should try to run remover tool in order to completely uninstall the AVG antivirus on your system. Just follow the below-listed steps and run the remover tool.

  • The first step is to download the AVG remover tool by navigating this link (
  • Now, be sure that you are downloading the AVG remover tool according to your OS is a 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • After downloading the remover tool, you need to run it.
  • It will ask you to select which product you would like to uninstall.
  • Now, you can choose “AVG Protection” or your AVG product, and then follow the setup instructions to uninstall AVG.

After following the instructions, run the remover tool on your computer and check if the error still occurs or not. If it is still occurring then do follow the next step.


#Step 3:- Reinstall Installs AVG Antivirus Again:-

If none of the aforementioned works then give a try to uninstall AVG antivirus free on your system. Before uninstalling the free AVG antivirus, make sure that you have a full internet connection facility. Because sometimes, when you download the .exe file (as per your OS), it couldn’t download completely due to the poor internet connection. Ensure that there is an internet connection completely working. This is one of the most recommended troubleshooting step.

Try any of these aforementioned steps and resolve the error. For any AVG support or help, get connected to the AVG customer support and get your queries resolved.

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