The Benefits of Using Firewall and Antivirus on Your Computer

These days Internet connects multitudes of people across the world. We all use the internet for many activities like browsing, emailing, online shopping, social media, etc. Over the decades, Internet has grown phenomenally, connecting millions of computer networks. Despite the perks of the internet, the dark side to it involves cyber threats. Cyber threats cause companies to lose a chunk of their annual revenue.

What is anti-virus software?

Antivirus software is a program which is designed to perform functions to prevent, detect, and remove malicious software and viruses. Here are some basic functions of antivirus software-

  • Scanning the computer system for malware and viruses.
  • Scheduling scans to run automatically
  • Scanning specific files or drives at any given time
  • Cleaning files and removing infections
  • Alerting when a program tries to gain access to your computer
  • Protection from identity thefts
  • Pop-up blocking

Importance of using antivirus software for protection:

Anti-virus software aims at defending the computer and computer networks from any online and offline threats. One of the major reasons that computers get infected is either the complete absence of an antivirus software on the computer system or an outdated antivirus program. An antivirus application is vital for detecting and removing any threats like Trojan horse, virus, worms, spyware, etc. IT also scans the system completely to ensure that it is free from unwanted applications. Antivirus software programs give real-time protection which ensures that your system remains safe from infections. They also detect any threat that comes their way while scanning. Moreover, they keep on updating in order to keep up with the new viruses and hence they are able to efficiently detect the newest of viruses.

What is a Firewall?

Firewalls are devices which protect computer systems from cyber attacks. They can be hardware or software devices. Their aim is to detect the virus, malware, worms, and other hacking activities and they also protect the computer system from unauthorized entry. Firewall not only monitors all the network traffic but it also effectively blocks unwanted network traffic.

Firewalls are put into two categories-

  • Client firewall– Client firewall or software firewall consist of a set of rules which control incoming and outgoing traffic. It is located in the computer and it monitors all the network traffic. They stop any unknown and known threats and block the internet worms.
  • Application firewall– Application firewall of the hardware firewall is a superior firewall. Instead of residing in the computer, they are connected between the computer and internet. IF you want additional protection to add application firewall to maximize your computer security and protection.

Benefits of using Firewall for protection:

While antivirus softwares are certainly important for protection against threats, they are not enough. The antivirus programs protect the system from unwanted programs, firewall application prevent cyber threats and attacks to get access to your computer system. Worms, a type of malware, travel via emails either in the form or attachment or link. Users with weak security settings may not even find out about the cyber threats infecting their computer systems. Bots, by using the internet to find victims, infect the system quietly, without making the user realize what is happening. Firewall protects the computer from such malicious threats.

 Considering that a huge chunk of computers are connected to the internet, the attackers get ample opportunity to find computers to infect. The attackers make use of the internet to figure out which other computers are the most vulnerable and susceptible. Upon finding a vulnerable computer, they compromise the security of the computer by attacking it. Such attackers often aim at identity theft and they steal personal information like login credentials and bank card details for the objective of financial fraud. If you wish to keep the hackers and attackers from causing damage to your computer, then protect your system with a firewall. Firewalls have filters which get triggered if any potentially malicious information tries to pass. Each packet of information goes through the firewall filters.

Therefore, both firewall and antivirus programs are important to keep the computer secure. The most trusted one is AVG. Instead of acting as alternatives or substitutes to each other, they are complementary and go hand-in-hand. Not only this, it can be easily installed and activated online by visiting


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