Avg.com/retail – How to Download, Install & Activate AVG antivirus

Nowadays we are facing much more cyber risks, virus and malware attacks from the various internet hackers. Because of this everyone wants a safety cover to secure their devices like computer, laptops, phones and other electronic cum highly sophisticated devices. For this we have a highly advanced safety cover and its name is AVG antivirus. AVG antivirus is international security software; it can be easily installed and activated online with the help of a product key and can secure our devices. However it is paid software but also provides an antivirus cover for a free trial period with the basic features to all users. If you want to take the facility of AVG antivirus support to safe your devices, first you need to purchase the AVG antivirus retail card. You can also find it online from AVG retail card activation page .If you have already purchased AVG antivirus then you just need to download, install and activate it. For this you have to visit on AVG official website: Avg.com/Retail.

However, if you have purchased it from a retail store, you get it in the form of a CD/ DVD. And, if you have purchased it online service, then you will get an AVG retail card activation code on your registered e-mail id to download the AVG antivirus security on your device. In these processes you need to follow some easy steps, which are mentioned below:

Step by step process: How to download & install the AVG antivirus on your device

Step 1: You need to visit AVG official website www.avg.com/retail to get the link from which the software can be downloaded by clicking on the Download/Install option.

Step 2: Once the software is downloaded, open the location where your download folder is saved. Click on the downloaded file and start the installation process.

Step 3: Some instructions will be displayed on your screen, follow them.

Step 4: Open the page where you saved the AVG activation code or you can go directly avg.com/retail to open activation page once the download completes.

Step 5: Then you will automatically get your license number on your registered e-mail address.

Step 6: Until wait for the successful installation process and then again restart your computer.

If the AVG antivirus product has already installed on your computer then now you only need to activate or reactivate the AVG product, Follow the below instructions to activate/ reactivate the AVG products:

Steps for AVG antivirus activation on your computer

Step 1: On your desktop you can see the AVG icon. If it is available there, double click on the AVG icon. If you don’t find it there, then check the notification section on your desktop taskbar (its placement is the bottom-right corner of the computer desktop.

Step 2: Now a Window will open up with Activate or Reactivate option on your screen. According to the requirement, select anyone option.

Step 3: If you doesn’t get any option in the menu section, it means you might have opened the AVG Zen window. In this case, click to the Protection file to go directly to the main AVG file.

Step 4: Now type your License Number on the required place which you had received on your registered email id at the time of AVG product purchase.

Step 5: To complete it, click on the ‘Activation’ button.

It might take few minutes for the successful completion of activation process. You can check the activation process by click on the Support option in the top of the menu bar. You can also check your AVG product time validity and any other information about your AVG product on avg.com/retail.

Support for AVG Products- avg.com/retail

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